Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've recently been thinking about the roles that figures play in compositions and what it says when they are taken, cropped or erased out. These two small drawings are from photo's from my childhood of me and my father just not including my father. They represent his absence in my life and the feeling of having erased him from my memory.

Myspace series

This series was based on the work of artist Vik Muniz, known for his contemporary photography of his recreations of famous paintings in unconventional materials such as his peanut butter and jelly Mona Lisa. I decided to base my version on Myspace default pictures to comment on the importance placed on this new form of communication and also it's impermanence. ( from top to bottom)The first one is a self-portrait " Pigeon Forger" done in instant coffee, the second one is "Elle" done out of spices on top of my refridgerator, the third one "Emo Ninja" is made out of salt on my Dinning room table, The fourth one is "Juan Xtreame" made out of chocolate syrup on dresser drawers, and the fifth one is " BrittKnee" made of jelly on linoleum floor.